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Everyone, I had a few words to say.

As you know, it’s Saturday tomorrow. My favorite game will be having a contest tomorrow.

Our Hanyang Uni… SungDong-Gu is Hanyang University right?
At Hanyang University, my friend will be participating in this contest.
If it is possible everyone please go give your support.

Honestly speaking, tomorrow is a Saturday, non-working day.
So if I secretly wear a cap and whatsoever…. Should I go? Should I go? I really want to go down and have a look!!

For me, I am totally an idiot in football, basketball, baseball etc.
When watching World Cup I would just follow the crowd “Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh!!!!!!!!!!!” when in actual fact I don’t know anything. (a/n: LMAO)
But as for computer games, I really…

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