Compilation: 130203 SBS Inkigayo – Super Junior M

Break down today is Korean version

boys had a rehearsal.outfit is colorful.Hyuk had his glasses on then didn’t know where to put them when rehearsals started

Kyuhyun: Hey. Fans: Yes? Kyu: Hey Fans: yes? Kyu: Hey Fans: yes Kyu: I ate the support well!!!

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Eunhyuk says he will get lasik next week

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Eunhyuk said again that he will be getting lasik on Thursday

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Before starting, someone yelled “Henry!” and Eunhyuk said “Henry? No Haetni?” (“Haetni” sounds similar to “Henry”. Haetni means “did you do it?” so he’s making a pun here- Did you do it? Did you not do it?) fans were like “uh..” and he was like “what?”

members took turns kicking Kyuhyun’s butt after fans sung for Kyu. Ryeowook stretched his foot up to Kyuhyun’s face

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sungmin back-hugged Eunhyuk but Eunhyuk was like…

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