Compilation: 130215~18 Super Junior-M Fan Party ‘BREAK DOWN’ in Bangkok

Super Junior M recently held the first fan meeting in Thailand.

According to SM Entertainment, Super Junior M held a fan meeting on February 16 at 6:00 p.m. under the title of 2013 Super Junior M Fan Party ‘Break Down’ in Bangkok. The fan meeting attracted a total audience of 5,000.

At the fan meeting, Super Junior M performed such songs as “Break Down,” the lead track, “GO,” and “完美的再见” from their second album. They also got laughs from the audience in Thai.

The group had a great time with the Thai fans by solving quizzes about Thailand, taking pictures with the fans, and talking about the pictures of the members.

The Thai fans also touched the members by presenting a surprise event of spreading placards that write, “Cuz it’s U, wo zhi ai ni (I love you),” along with a…

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