Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun and his fellow members spent an intimate night out among themselves with food and drinks, once again displaying their closebromance!

Kyuhyun updated his Twitter with the above picture and the following message: “A refreshing meeting with the hyungs DonghaeEunhyukYesung, and Kanginafter a shoot! On a rainy day, pajeon [Korean pancake-like dish] is the best [to eat]! ^^ Hehehehehehehe.

The pajeon they apparently had is long gone in the photos, not surprising since the members of Super Junior mostly have big appetites (perhaps with the exception of Leeteuk, who is the pickiest eater among them)!

What is present in the photos are their bowls of makgeolli, or Korean rice wine, as the boys raise them up in a gesture of making a toast.Judging from their bright and relaxed expressions, the atmosphere around them seems to be…

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