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130319 CECI Magazine April Issue with Kangin [11P]

Ceci: It’s been a while. Please introduce yourself.

KI: We had a keyword associated with us since our debut. Playful Shindong, Jewel Eunhyuk, Teukki Teukki Leeteuk, Donghae with sad eyes, (laugh). Things like this. I was Strong Man Kangin. But now, I think “Kangin who returned” suits me the best.

Ceci: You were successful in losing weight. Was there a special reason to go on a diet?

KI: Like every action requires a spark to start it, I had one. Teuk-ee hyung’s enlistment was the reason I decided to go on a diet. Heechul hyung is still in the army, and Yesung and I are the eldest hyungs right now. I wanted to do something as the eldest and what I decided…

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