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Heenim: I went to watch with my friend, Keonhee, and SNSD’s Taeyeon. I always watch horror movies in the cinema cos of the sound effect.

Heenim: Ryeowook sshi brought back a weird giraffe a few days ago. I got a shock.

Heenim: When we watch horror movies, the people around us were shouting and making noises but Taeyeon is not scared. When there’re scary images, she’s always laughing. I’m not even sure if she’s watching horror movie or comedy.

Listener: Ryeowook sshi said that you’re very noisy when playing games.
Heenim: I play games very quietly but my microphone was on cos I need to receive instructions from the other players.

Q: Who plays game better? Heenim or Kyuhyun?
Heenim: Kyuhyun plays Starcraft a lot better than me, so he’s good…

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